How to draw a watermelon, draw the berries, #Kids, #YouTubeKids

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How to draw a watermelon, draw the berries, #children, #YouTubeKids
Summer. Sun. Watermelon.
Today we will see how to draw a watermelon. We draw two pieces of watermelon. It is cut and stands on the table.
First draw the contours of the slices. At the top are triangles, and below the semicircle.
Draw two triangles with a circular lower side.
Now draw a grain. Watermelons have a grain. Ripe watermelon has dark grains.
When we painted all the details in a pencil step by step, it's time to use paints.
Paint our watermelon with red and green paints.
The red paint of different shades will be on the part of the watermelon, where the flesh is painted.
Use the green color where the peel is drawn.
Draw a lot of different watermelons. Different in size and shape. Now we can invite guests. We have a lot of watermelons.
Come to us on the channel and we will draw together step by step.

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