How Kali Uchis Found Her Voice

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Colombia-born 23-year-old singer-songwriter Kali Uchis has been everywhere in the last 12 months. She’s added vocals to Gorillaz’s Humanz cut, “She’s My Collar,” collaborated with Daniel Caesar on the tipsy “Get You,” and pushed her own sound further with the Jorja Smith-featuring “Tyrant” and the underrated “Nuestro Planeta.”

Her naturally dizzying voice and woozy songs are now recognizably hers. But she didn’t always want that. “I was not a social person and I was not a person who saw myself as someone who wanted to be, like, in the spotlight or have people constantly telling me about myself,” she says. “I didn’t want any of that. That’s why I never wanted to be in that world; I wanted to be behind the camera.”

In this Noisey Next video, Uchis tells us about her rise from photography-obsessed student to internationally-recognized pop singer. And she states her ambition clearly: “Eventually I feel like my goal is definitely global domination. But whether I get there this year or next year or in four years, who’s to say?”

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