Fozzie's Bear-ly Funny Fridays #16 | Fozzie Bear Jokes | The Muppets

Start your Labor Day weekend off right with a bear-ly funny Fozzie.
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The Muppets Characters
Fozzie Bear
Besides being Kermit the Frogs best friend, Fozzie Bear is the worlds funniestand only stand-up comedy bear. From his beat-up hat to the wocka-wocka that punctuates his punchlines, Fozzie is an old school comic. His jokes arent always great, but they are always delivered with heart and signature Fozzie the Bear pazazz. A regular on The Muppet Show, Fozzie Bear is always willing to lend a hand - or a bad joke - to his Muppets friends, like Kermit, Miss Piggy, and Rowlf the Dog.

Bobo The Bear
When the Muppets made it big, they needed to hire a fool-proof security guard. Thus, Bobo the Bear became head of Muppets security. Over the years, Bobo has taken on many roles in the Muppets movies and shows. Bobo the Bear plays a wide range of Muppets characters from the hero, the villain, to everything in between.

Fozzie's Bear-ly Funny Fridays
Fozzies Bear-ly Funny Fridays, also known as Jokes With Fozzie, is a series of Muppets videos combining stand up comedy and deadpan humor, featuring the one and only Fozzie Bear. Fozzie wocka wockas the crowd with a barrage of terrible jokes and bad puns. These awful Fozzie Bear jokes occasionally welcome other Muppet characters as guests, like Bobo the Bear and Beauregard. Close your week with some bad jokes featuring the Muppets favorite stand up comic.

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Fozzie's Bear-ly Funny Fridays #16 | Fozzie Bear Jokes | The Muppets c