Junior Eurovision 2014 - Draw of the Running Order (Opening Ceremony)

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The 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest week has officially begun tonight at the stunning Verdala Place, as artists, delegates, and media were invited to the Welcome Reception at the President’s Summer Residence. At almost 600 years old, the Verdala Palace has the look and feel of a castle. With a full red carpet outside as dusk falls in Malta, the Palace will be lit up to provide a beautiful setting to begin proceedings for this year’s competition.

However there is also a serious part to tonight’s event – the running order! Malta is required to pick its running order position at random, followed by a random draw for the countries that will open and close the show (positions 1-16). The remaining 13 countries will then draw if they’ll perform in the “First Half” (positions 2-8) or “Second Half” (positions 9-15). After this draw, members of the production team will assemble in a side room to propose a running order to Executive Supervisor Vladislav Yakovlev.

Approximately 45 minutes after the opening ceremony broadcast has finished, the running order will be published and presented to the delegations and media still at the Palace.
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