Dallas 2x12 "A Call to Arms" / 2x13 "Love and Family" Promo (HD)

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Dallas 2x12 "A Call to Arms & 2x13 "Love and Family" - Ewing Energies is on the verge of collapse, so the Ewings fight back and gain inspiration from J.R.'s master plan. Elsewhere, Christopher and John Ross plot to turn Pamela against her father; Bobby tries to expose Ryland's crimes; Emma and Drew continue to divide; and Christopher searches for his mother.

Dallas 2x13 "Love and Family" - Trust issues unfold when Pamela seemingly proves her loyalty to John Ross, who then reveals J.R.'s master plan to her. Meanwhile, Drew divulges a dark secret to Elena, who then must choose between family or love; and Bobby battles Cliff Barnes for control of Ewing Energies. Subscribe to televisionpromos on YouTube for more Dallas season 2 promos in HD!

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Dallas 2x12 "A Call to Arms" & 2x13 "Love and Family" Promo/Preview
Dallas Season 2 Episode 12 & 13 Promo
Dallas S02E12 & S02E13 Promo
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