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Jordana Brewster ~ Latina February 2013

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Making of de la sesión de fotos de la actriz Jordana Brewster para la portada de la revista Latina de Febrero de 2013.

Dallas star Jordana Brewster graces the cover of Latina magazine's "Love & Relationships" issue, which hits newsstands January 8th.

The gorgeous Brazilian actress opened up to Latina about her 5-year marriage to movie producer Andrew Form, her desire to start a family (she wants twins!), feeling both Brazilian AND American, and her sizzling hot roles on TNT's Dallas and the highly anticipated action flick, Fast and Furious 6!

On whether she plans to start a family: "I definitely want to have kids. I want two. I grew up with a sister, but I know Andrew would love boys, but I'll take what I can get. One thing that I've always sort of loved and been enamoured by is the idea of having twins. My dad was a twin, so it runs in the family. Fingers crossed. So we're thinking about having kids but I don't know when it'll happen. I feel very ready now."

On her marriage to movie producer Andrew Form:"It's so amazing to have a husband in the business who can challenge me and we can talk about his work and my work and understand each other in that way. I love getting his feedback and he likes getting mine. And of course, that has pushed me more to consider producing in the future."

On Keeping the Love Alive Long-Distance:"We Face-time all of the time. We love that. There are times when I just say 'I need to see you now.' And so we face-time a lot, or I surprise him and visit him or he does the same. It's super important...Couples shouldn't be apart for too long. We've been married for five years now and we know how important that is because otherwise you just lose touch with each other."

On her Dallas character Elena Ramos: "She's incredibly ambitious and wants to prove herself, but she's not willing to sacrifice her integrity for that. That's something that I could really relate to. I don't want to play a caricature. I don't want to play someone that is overly sexual and that's her only weapon. That would get old really fast. I always want to play someone complex."

On Fast and Furious 6: "Working on those movies. I work the most with Paul {Walker} and he's so sweet and hilarious. We were doing green screen in the car and I only drive automatic, so he's telling me how to shift and what to do. It's similar to being on a television show, because for Paul and Vin {Diesel} and me—it's been like 14 years. Which is so crazy! It's a long time. It's like a relationship.

On her desire to add producer to her resume: "I really love people like Salma Hayek, Reese Witherspoon and Sandra Bullock. People that use their acting career and excel at that and then go on to produce. That to me is the epitome of success because after a while you want to generate your own material. You want to be more proactive in your field. So I would love to one day produce.

On Growing Up Brazilian and American: "I call myself a Brazilian-American. Now I would say that. When I was living in Brazil I felt very American and when I was in America I felt very Brazilian. I always felt like a fish out of water. High school and middle school were really hard for me and we moved when I was 10, but once I got past those, I realized how lucky I was that my parents traveled with me and my sister. It broadened my perspective."


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