Best Of Freestyle Football at Red Bull Street Style

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Red Bull Street Style is the pioneer and most prestigious of all freestyle football tournaments, held for 11 years in cooperation with the World Freestyle Football Association (WFFA).

► World Finals are happening in Miami, Florida! Check out all the details here:

Freestyle football is the art of doing tricks with a football… but it’s not only the fancy moves which make this sport unique: freestyle is a lifestyle that transcends the sport to become a form of art.
Red Bull Street Style has crowned world champions in South Africa (Azun, from Norway, won the title in Cape Town in 2010), in Italy (Tokura, from Japan, won in Lecce in 2012), Japan (Szymo, from Poland, won in Tokyo in 2013), Brazil (Mélody Donchet, from France and Andrew, from the UK, won in Salvador de Bahía in 2014), UK (Mélody Donchet, from France, and Charly Iacono, from Argentina, won in London in 2016) and Poland (Agnieszka Mnich, from Poland and Erlend Fagerli, from Norway, won in Warsaw in 2018).


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