Kid Simius & Band – World Premiere At Red Bull Music Studios Berlin

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It's a world premiere: multi-instrumentalist Kid Simius introduces his band and their brand new live set they're about to take to stages everywhere.

A charming leader, skilled musicians and amazing songs – enjoy this one-hour ride from Berlin to Planet Simius!

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00:00 - 05:41 Planet of the Simius
05:21 - 09:43 Tode la noche (feat. MNKYBSNSS)
09:52 - 13:45 Jalapenos Horror
14:01 - 17:49 Flashback (feat. Kilnamana)
18:05 - 23:31 Hola Chica + Cowbell Song
23:56 - 27:50 Don Juan Enterprise (feat. L.O.U.)
27:51 - 32:41 Solid Ground (feat. Rebellion The Recaller)
32:58 - 37:58 Recorded in Hawaii
38:10 - 41:46 Spanish Footwork (feat. Ana Menjibar & Ana Sola)
42:04 - 47:21 We like to Party
47:28 - 51:58 The Flute Song (Paul Kalkbrenner Remix)
52:00 - 56:20 King of Rock'n'Roll

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