Bingo Hand Job - Live At The Borderline 1991

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Myth or legend…? The members of Bingo Hand Job played hundreds of shows over the course of a decade without ever releasing an album. Their reputation as troubadours of the American South extended across the States, eventually to England and Europe, and even South America, Asia and Australia. But how?

No witnesses of a Bingo Hand Job gig could be found. No recordings existed. Yet, when it was announced that the enigmatic band and some unusual friends would play London’s 200-capacity club, The Borderline, on March 14 and 15, 1991, tickets were quickly sold out, traded and re-sold at unreasonable prices. Who were these guys only known as The Doc, Raoul, Ophelia and Stinky (with friends Spanish Charlie, Conrad and Violet)?

The second night – March 15, 1991 – is captured here. A blistering set from a group described by Record Collector as “a band at the terrifying height of its popularity, caught in the spotlight between college rock integrity and Unplugged stardom.”
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